GoPure Pod - Filters & Purifies Tap Water Everywhere
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    Compact Powerful Purification
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The GOpure Pod is a "tiny water purification giant" measuring a mere 1 ½" in length.  It's made of completely natural, food-grade diatomaceous earth, nature’s 20 Million-Year-Old, perfect natural filter.  Diatomaceous earth is a positively charged material, that acts as a magnet to attract and neutralize contaminants present in tap water.

The Pod’s advanced ceramic has a doubly porous structure, creating an enormous exposed filtering surface area, equivalent to six football fields:

  • Simply drop your GOure Pod it into any vessel from a water bottle to a coffee maker
  • Fill your vessel with tap water and the Pod’s millions of microscopic pores go to work
  • By physical movement, convection currents and Brownian motion, the water remains in ongoing contact with the core of the Pod
  • The Pod attracts and absorbs impurities like lead, chromium, arsenic, copper, mercury, chlorine, and fluoride, while continuously eliminating other bad things too (like bad taste)
  • While the Pod has been proven to remove E.coli and other dangerous bacteria, it is not recommended as the sole source for purification of backcountry water (lakes, streams, etc.).
  • The Pod should be used with potable tap water only.

The GOpure Pod purifies continuously for up to six months:

  • It purifies, protects, and preserves up to 264 gallons of water (the equivalent of 2,000 refills of a standard size reusable water bottle). 
  • The Pod is not simply purifying your tap water, it’s also helping to save our planet from plastic waste. 

You ask, “What is Diatomaceous Earth?”:

  • Food-grade diatomaceous earth, also called diatomite, is a mineral of biogenic origin formed from an enormous number of microscopic silica structures made by living diatoms — single-cell micro-organisms at the base of the food chain.
  • When diatoms die, they leave tiny silica shells that sink to a lake floor. 
  • During the late Tertiary Period (~5-20 million years ago), massive deposits of diatoms were formed in the freshwater lakes, which covered much of what is now Nevada and eastern Oregon.
  • It’s from this mined diatomite that the GOpure Pod ceramic technology is made.

How do I use my GOpure Pod?

  • A simple little cleansing ritual is all that’s required for the first use of every Pod.
  • Step 1:  Rinse the Pod under cold water for 10 seconds.
  • Step 2:  Clean your bottle or water container thoroughly before filling with water and using your Pod for thefirst time.
  • Step 3:  Repeat every two weeks for optimal performance.
  • Yep, preparation and maintenance of your Pod and your bottle is that simple.
  • A silver element within the Pod helps maintain the hygiene of the ceramic over the course of its usage.

How long does it take to purify my water?

  • Within the first two minutes of dropping your Pod into your bottle or container,your water becomes fresh tasting and ready to drink.
  • The Pod will continuously purify your water, including every time you refill it.
  • Now you might be wondering - do I still need to wait up to two minutes on refills? Yeppers.

What else can my Pod do?

  • Equally effective in cold or hot water
  • Safe to use with infused water, tea and other beverages
  • Optimizes pH to 7.4, perfect balance for human health
  • Can be used in larger containers by adding Pods – 1x Pod per 3x liters
  • Keeps your bottle, container, hydration pack, and more, clean from slime and stinkiness too!

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